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Landlord Representation

Your premium commercial property deserves a first-class real estate company

Looking for a first-class real estate company based in New York City? 

As the landlord of a premium commercial property in Manhattan, you’re likely looking for a first-class real estate company that will ensure you don’t suffer any of the common problems associated with leasing. You definitely do not want to be burdened with late rent, high tenant turnover, legal troubles or any other commercial tenant inconveniences. You need a reputable real estate company with extensive experience in both building and people management. 

We take care of everything

Fostering the perfect tenant-landlord relationship forms the foundations of a happy leasing arrangement. We ensure that trust and open communication are present throughout a tenant’s tenure, cultivating close working relationships between Circle Realty leasing staff and our facility management team at all times.

circle realty group

How it works

Together, we coordinate the entire leasing process from the first tour to the creation of a test fit or space plan, through construction management and move-in to ensure that the tenant’s transition is seamless and welcoming. Once keys are handed over, we take the standpoint that our jobs have just begun. Maintaining a tenant’s happiness within their space and with the building itself is our priority.

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What’s next?

If you would like to talk further about how we can help ensure a trouble-free leasing experience, please get in touch with our team today.

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