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Tenant Representation

Your first-class company deserves a first-class office or retail space.

Looking for the perfect office or rental space in Midtown Manhattan?

As a first-class company based in New York City, you’re likely looking for a premium commercial property that perfectly reflects your unique brand and vision. You do not want to waste time or precious resources searching for the right building or worrying about details such as legal matters or complicated process. You want a streamlined solution to your search process and ongoing support with any difficulties as and when they arise. 

We take care of everything

The long-lasting trusted relationships we build with our tenants are what makes us special. As a boutique company, we’re small enough to know all of our tenants on a personal level, and can offer personalized support from sourcing the right office or rental space right through to addressing any issues when they arise. Regardless of your company’s size or industry, we’re able to help you make informed decisions at every step in your leasing journey. 

circle realty group

How it works

We help you define your space requirements, identify suitable options, recommend appropriate alternatives, and aggressively negotiate lease and ownership terms with third parties. Our ultimate goal is to streamline and simplify the search process, so that you are presented with a list of potential sites that best represent your brand and help you meet your current and future goals. Our excellent reputation doesn’t end once your leasing agreement begins. Circle Realty maintains excellent tenant-landlord relationships through your entire leasing journey. 

circle realty group

What’s next?

If you would like to talk further about how we can help ensure a trouble-free leasing experience, please get in touch today.

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